Father and Son Interplanetary Vacation

Chapter 1

In the future, a family of humans lives on a planet that is 700 light years from Earth. Humans colonized the planet and it resembles Earth. There are continents surrounded by oceans; seasons; a similar level of gravity; and similar atmosphere. The people on this planet, however, have developed their own diverse cultures. There are 3 independent countries on the planet and a total of 13 billion people.

The family lives in a country called Avroizzar in the northern hemisphere. It is the smallest of the 3 countries with a population of 700 million. The climate in the family's home town has four seasons – a warm summer, a cool fall and spring, and a cold, snowy winter. There is a father, a mother, and a son. The father is Jose, the mother is Fatma, and the son is Perre. Ethnically, they descend from humans in the Middle East of Earth. However, they speak a dialect of the planet’s universal language, which is similar to Spanish.

Jose works as a civil engineer, designing and constructing transportation networks. Recently, he had been very busy with a project in another city and he had not visited his family in three months. When the project was finally completed, he took two weeks off work to spend time with his family. Jose felt badly that he had not seen his son in a long time. Therefore, when he returned home he promised his son, Perre, that he would take him on a 10-day trip anywhere in the galaxy that he wanted to go – so long as it is close enough to go there and back within 10 days.

Perre enjoys exploring. He looked at a galactic map and found a route that goes through a remote area. There are planets in this region that are known to contain fascinating wildlife and scenery. Jose owns and flies his own space ship. Most people who travel the galaxy do so using public transport ships. However, Jose is an engineer. He is not rich, but he earns enough money to afford his own ship. Plus, he has the technical and mechanical skills to fly the ship and repair it.

Jose and Perre say goodbye to Fatma and launch their ship into the cosmos. There is no set plan for the trip. They will visit planets that look interesting and stay for a few hours or days until they are ready to move on to the next planet. Many years ago, humans acquired faster-than-light propulsion technology from an alien species, and an area of interstellar colonization began. There are now human settlements throughout the galaxy.