Father and Son Interplanetary Vacation

Chapter 3

The next morning, Perre leaves early in the morning. He cannot wait to see his new pet blob again. He runs to the bush where he left the blob the night before. Fortunately, it is still in the shrub, waiting for him. They play together all morning.

As they walk through a shallow canyon, something follows them and watches them from the canyon’s edge. They come around a bend in the canyon and see something standing on a large rock in front of them. The direction of the planet's sunlight brightly illuminates this creature. It looks like a giant spider with six legs. Perre is apprehensive.

The creature calls out to them, in Perre's language, “You humans have contaminated the soul of this planet. Leave immediately!”

Perre is shocked the creature can speak his language. He realizes it is an intelligent life form, not an animal. The brown blob wiggles forward and makes pulsing sounds. The creature on the rock responds with similar pulsing sounds. Perre looks closer and notices that the spider-like creature is a white blob sitting in a metallic frame with mechanical legs attached.

The white blob then asks Perre, “Are you friends with this caretaker? He says you are his friend.”

“Yeah! I met him yesterday and we were playing games together.” Perre answers.

“If a caretaker trusts you, then I trust you as well. Come, I will show you the hidden beauty of this world!”

Perre's apprehension turns into excitement. The prospect of going on a magical adventure thrills him and he eagerly follows the white caretaker. The brown caretaker follows him as well.

The white caretaker says that his name is Sunlight. The brown caretaker is named Rippling Water. Their names are taken from the world itself. Their parents looked for signs to decide what to name them. Sunlight learned the human's language when he discovered a tech device the humans lost. It contained movies and shows. He learned a lot about humans from the device.

Sunlight found equipment discarded from the human settlement and used it to build the metal frame and legs. Sunlight describes his species to Perre. It starts out brown and become white with age. Its body is undifferentiated. Each body part is capable of all body functions – movement, thought, sight, digestion. They have only long-term memory, no short-term. They remember everything they see and hear, in perfect detail.

Sunlight explains, “Caretakers are connected with the power of the planet. We live together with the planet symbiotically. There is a higher force guiding each of our movements, our lives. Everything that happens to us is for a reason. The god within this planet brought you here, Perre. It is not an accident that we met.”

Perre is in awe of Sunlight's wisdom. This planet may look ordinary to someone who is unenlightened. However, Perre can feel a special power here. This wonderful species is proof that the world is not what it first appears.