Father and Son Interplanetary Vacation

Chapter 4

“Come!” Sunlight bids Perre and Rippling Water.

They climb over a hill and into an oasis. The area has lush, bright green vegetation. In the center of the vegetation is a natural well. The well is two meters in diameter and surrounded by rock face. The water level is half a meter below the rocky edge.

“Look into the water.”

Perre leans over the well and looks at the water. The water is calm. Perre sees his reflection.

“Look closer,” Sunlight tells Perre.

Perre leans into the well. As he stares into the water, he sees new colors subtly outlining his reflection. Suddenly, Sunlight pushes Perre into the well. He falls into the water. It is in fact not water, but a kind of clear gas-like plasma. Perre passes through this substance without resistance. He then slides along a rocky chute that is similar to a water slide. It is coated with the slippery plasma and he slides fast.

Perre's eyes adjust and he looks around. He is sliding into a gigantic cave. Sunlight and Rippling Water are sliding behind him. The cave is lit with many colors. Things that look like flowers or vines glow in the dark cave. There are purples, blues, greens and yellows.

“Wow!” Perre exclaims from excitement. He realizes that this barren desert planet has vibrant life and energy below the surface.

They splash into a pool of water at the end of the slide. Perre asks Sunlight if the colored lights are alive. Sunlight says they are. Perre then asks how they can survive below the surface. Sunlight says they obtain their nutrition and energy from the planet's core.

Perre walks through the cavern. He looks at his feet. Every time he steps, the ground lights up where his foot presses on it. Perre is filled with a sense of exhilaration and deep significance.

After a while, Perre wakes up in a bed of brush in the desert. The sun has just set and there are a few stars visible. Perre sees Sunlight and Water about 20 meters away beside a campfire. They are talking in Perre's language.

“Water, can you understand me?” Perre asks. “Yeah! Sunlight taught me how to speak your language.” Water answered.

“Our species learns quickly. Everything we see or hear we remember forever.” Sunlight explained.

Perre realizes he did not tell his father he would be staying out late. He checks his phone and sees that his dad messaged him a half hour ago. Perre calls his father, explains he forgot about the time and wandered somewhat far from camp. He asks his father if he can spend the night in the desert. Jose is a little worried. He is having dinner with a few of the men from the camp. Jose tells them about the situation. They say it's safe and not to worry. Jose has a device that can track Perre's location and vital signs.