Father and Son Interplanetary Vacation

Chapter 5

Perre falls back to sleep. He sleeps soundly. At dawn, he awakes and turns his head to look at the rising sun. Sunlight stands in between Perre and the sun. His silhouette appears black because it is surrounded by the bright light.

“The god who resides within the planet is displeased with the presence of the humans! He wants them removed.” Sunlight declares.

“What? Why?” Perre mumbles. Sunlight continues, “The humans are disturbing the balance of life and energy within the planet. God will help us attack the humans and drive them off the planet. With god's help we will succeed.”

“Ok,” says Perre, “Do I have to leave too?” “No,” answers Sunlight. “God has accepted you. He wants you to stay with us.”

The three walk up a tall hill. It stands 600 meters above the surrounding terrain. From there they view the human camp 15 kilometers in the distance. The weather this morning is mostly clear. However, they see a storm cloud forming over the camp. Perre considers this a sign that the planet is unhappy with the humans' presence.

They begin to walk toward the camp. While walking, Perre thinks about how it seems humans are the inferior species. Caretakers are more intelligent than humans. They live in harmony with their environment. He feels it is unfair that humans have superior technology and the ability to travel across the galaxy. They colonized Sunlight’s planet against his will and that of the other caretakers.

Jose calls and Perre answers his phone. Jose asks when Perre plans to return to the settlement. Before Perre can respond, Sunlight knocks the phone out of Perre’s hand. It lands on the ground and Sunlight crushes it with his mechanical leg. Sunlight then generates visible electrical currents around his body.

Sunlight tells Perre, “I can see there is a tracking device inside you. My electrical charge will interfere with its function, and they cannot track you.”

“Why can’t I talk to dad?” Perre asks.

“Your father will be spared in the attack. However, the men at the camp can use this device to see us coming. Our attack would not be a surprise.”

The group continues walking several kilometers toward the camp. Perre is thinking about the planned attack.

“Sunlight, how will we fight? What weapons do we have?” Perre inquires.

Sunlight tells Perre, “On our own we don’t have a chance. We never had a chance. It is only by divine power that we can hope to win. Weapons will be provided to us, because we are following the path our god has set for us.”

Perre is satisfied that this attack will be successful. He has seen the power within this planet. He knows Sunlight is wise and a good person.