Father and Son Interplanetary Vacation

Chapter 6

As they approach the camp, Perre sees a handgun on the ground. He realizes god has provided this weapon for their attack. Perre picks up the gun and runs toward the camp. There is a two-meter ridge surrounding the camp, with a one-meter-wide dry canal in the middle of the ridge. Perre runs up one side of the ridge, down into the canal, and up the other side.

Perre runs down the other side of the ridge. He sees several men sitting at a bar having drinks. He aims the gun at them and fires twice while running toward them. The men are not injured and do not appear afraid. One of the men says, “That’s Jose’s kid. Hey kid! Your dad is looking for you.” Perre ignores him and runs into the camp.

There are temporary tented structures along with simple permanent structures in the town. Perre runs along a dirt street. Several men jog after him. Perre turns and runs into an enclosed walkway beside a wooden building. The men follow him into the walkway. “Wait, kid!” they call out. At the end of the walkway there is a door into the building. Perre tries opening the door but it is locked.

The planet’s god gave Perre many signs that he is with him; that the attack would be successful. Perre remembers the magical display he saw last night in the cave. He knows this planet’s deity is powerful. He is convinced it will not end like this, being captured here. Perre quietly asks god for a miraculous intervention.

Sunlight walks to the top of the ridge and views the humans’ camp. Water is behind him. Several men point at Sunlight. Then they run toward him. Sunlight generates electricity with his body and zaps the men as they get close to him. The electric shock stuns the men and keeps them from coming any closer. However, the men are uninjured. One of the men holds a device toward Sunlight and shocks him with an electric volt. Sunlight becomes unconscious.

Sunlight awakes in the backseat of a vehicle traveling along a road. Sunlight no longer has his metallic frame. There is a man sitting in the driver’s seat. Sunlight asks him, “Where are you taking me? Where are Water and Perre?”

The man turns around in his seat and mumbles, “You speak our language.” The man then takes a device and presses it against Sunlight. This device electrocutes Sunlight and he again becomes unconscious.

Sunlight awakes a second time. He is in the same seat in the same vehicle. It is traveling along a dirt road toward an industrial building. Sunlight looks at himself and sees his color has changed to brown. He is amazed. The humans know how to reverse aging.

“I see now! God did not want us to attack you. It led us to you because of your powers.” Sunlight says.

The vehicle reaches the building and the man parks next to its single-door entrance. He tells Sunlight, “Go right through that door over there and you’ll meet your god.”

Sunlight is exhilarant. He realizes that in the end everything has worked out. “What is this building?” he asks the man.

“It’s the meat grinder,” the man answers. “Well, we just call it that. Your god is in there.”

Sunlight opens the door and walks through. There is a large open area. The walls and floor are metallic. There are four metal pillars in the room. Across the room is Water.

“Water, you’re here too!” Sunlight exclaims. “It’s me. The humans made me young again. They will help us. We are going to meet god.”