Overseer's Assassin

Chapter 5

Samar is at home in his apartment after work. He sits down on his bed and softly asks himself, “Is it possible I could ever meet the Overseer?” He lies down and sleeps for a few hours. When he wakes up, he turns on the television. A television in this century is a device which projects three-dimensional, holographic images all around the person. It is very different from a television in the 21st century.

Shocking news is being broadcast on all channels. The Overseer granted the Tierrans’ demand to ship all immigrants to his own island in Antarctica. Samar is overjoyed. Not surprisingly, his people are worried. Many riot again, clashing with Tierrans and killing people on the streets with homemade weapons. Samar hides in his apartment to stay safe.

The next day, riot control robots have restored peace. Later in the day, transport ships arrive. Antarcticans are invited to voluntarily board the ships. Most Antarcticans refuse to board voluntarily, but a small number make their way to the harbor. Samar packs a suitcase. For safety, he requests that a riot control robot escort him to the harbor. It is three kilometers away. The riot control robot arrives at Samar’s apartment in a private vehicle, and calls him on the phone to let him know that he is ready.

Samar steps out the front door of his building onto the street. He sees everyone on the street is looking up into the sky. A small bright golden object is speeding through the sky at high altitude. Aircraft are common throughout the sky every day. However, this craft is unrecognizable, spectacular and awe-inspiring.

Rumors are quickly spreading that it is an alien aircraft, from outside this world. People have never encountered aliens in all of human history. The Overseer cut programs that would have explored the galaxy. Humans have long had the technology to potentially traverse the solar system and visit nearby stars. However, the Overseer prevented that technology from being developed.

There are televisions along the street used to make public service announcements. A few of them were not damaged in the riots. They turn on and broadcast footage of the unknown aircraft. News comes in rapidly. “The design is unlike any we have seen.” “Trails in quantum fields show this craft came from outside the solar system.” “Defense aircraft are being prepared in the event it is hostile.” “A team of representatives is organizing to make diplomatic contact with the aircraft.”

The boats that were ready to take refugees to the Overseer’s island cease operating. Everyone focuses on the mysterious craft shining brightly in the sky, orbiting earth.

The aircraft orbits earth several times over the next 12 hours. It ignores humans' attempts to communicate. Suddenly, the golden craft changes course. It turns toward South America. The aircraft moves quickly until a few minutes later it is over Tierra del Fuego. Defense aircraft follow but fall behind because of its quick speed.

Samar has gone inside his apartment after watching the sky most of the night with everyone else. He hears screams from outside. He turns the news on and sees the aircraft is about to land in his city. He rushes outside and sees the spectacular aircraft land only several blocks away. The craft is large and golden, with aerodynamic waves and a sleek design.

Many people in the city run away in fear. However, others approach the spacecraft out of curiosity. Samar does not move. He stands in front of his apartment complex, frozen with shock over what is happening.

A door opens and two crystalline life forms exit the spaceship. They ignore the crowds and go straight to Samar’s location. They approach him, appear to scan him, and then ask Samar to “come with us.”

Samar takes a few steps toward them. He responds, “I knew it. There is something different about me, isn’t there? I’m not like other people.”

The crystalline aliens return to their ship. Samar follows them, glancing to the left and right at crowds. People gaze intently on the aliens. They do not know who Samar is.

The aliens enter their spacecraft with Samar. The craft launches into orbit once again. Amid humanity’s first encounter with aliens, the Overseer is completely silent. He says nothing to humanity or the aliens.